Article by Micah Greenberg.

Let me take you back to last season. It is the final week of the regular season. The Moon Monsters were facing Team Yisus. The Monsters led in overtime, 30-27. All the Monsters had to do was prevent a touchdown to win immediately, or give up a field goal to stay in the game. Team Yisus was on their own 33 yard line. It was 4th down and 9. A stop by the Monsters would win them the game, and since then they would have a higher pointspread, they would be in the super bowl. Thi would surprisingl put Team Yisus in last place. So now the Monsters attempted to stop Yisus from gaining 9 yards. Charles Diaz attempted to pass it to Ndidi Rennell, but the play was broken up by Buzz Blackmon. However, on the other side of the field, pass interference was called on Frederic Eason in coverage of Asa Denney. This allowed the game to continue, and the Monsters to let up a touchdown and a shot at the super bowl. If that flag had not been called, the Monsters would have won, and would have faced the Cherubs. The Cherubs would have struggled against the ground and pound of the Monsters, instead of the overwhelming offense of Team Yisus. In fact, the defense of the Monsters would likely pressure Berlin enough to cause him to make mistakes. And the Cherubs couldn't handle Rudo Parikh, so imagine them against Nyquist. My point is that the Monsters would have won. The super bowl MVP would be Chester Zuniga. The first pick in the draft, which belongs to Yisus, would be Coby Oconnell. They would love the upgrade. Then Hairston goes to the 'Mericans at #2, Cherubs take Inwood at #3, and Monsters would take Quentin Dawn, to be alongside Buzz Blackmon. The rosters of every team change, just with that one flag.

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