^Projcted 1st rounder Charlie Workman, Nevada DE

Nathan Krenzel, Miami (FL) OG/C

Austin Brenkert, Minnesota WR

Jerry Thomas, Nebraska OLB

Russ Winn, Boston College CB

Roy Gillies, Indiana DT

^Shane Mrosko, Tennessee OT

^Cecil Teresa, Maryland S

Spergon Baylock, Hawaii OT

Reshard Powell, Auburn RB

Buster Irving, Northern Illinois DE

Kendall Doughtry, Mississippi St. CB

^Noah Gutierrez, Arkansas QB

^Karon Snow, Auburn OG/C

Wayne Bowers, Wisconsin OLB

Tai Zofko, UCLA OG/C

Theo Peacock, Purdue TE

^J. K. Rideau, Oregon DT

Jean-Paul Petit, Alabama ILB

Bradford Morrison, Rice S

Donte Kotar, LSU WR

^Tyler Price, Clemson CB

Terrell Mayberry, Minnesota RB

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