No player may receive more than 1 award.

  • AP Offensive Player of The Year:Andres Sytsma, 'Mericans QB
  • AP Defensive Player of the year: Reggie Mooreman, 'Mericans S
  • AP Coach/Executive of The Year Alex Gomez, Cherubs
  • Walter Payton Man of the Year: Chester Zuniga, Monsters DE: Overcame his former alcoholism to be a leader
  • Play of the year: Jordan Sandoz 45 yard receiving touchdown in week 7
  • fantasy player of the year: Charles Diaz, Yisus QB
  • Salute to Service award: Hector Lovierto, Monsters OLB
  • Greatness on the road award: Charles Diaz, Yisus QB
  • GMC Never say never moment: Week 2 Cherubs Comeback win over Monsters
  • FedEx Ground Player of the year: Jesse Nyquist, Monsters RB
  • FedEx Air Player of the year: Jordan Sandoz, Yisus WR
  • MVP Voting
  1. Vincenzo Berlin, Cherubs QB
  2. Jordan Sandoz, Yisus WR
  3. Andres Sytsma, 'Mericans QB
  4. Jesse Nyquist, Monsters RB
  5. Charles DIaz, Yisus QB

All Pro TeamEdit


Position First Team Second Team

Vincenzo Berlin, Cherubs

Andres Sytsma, 'Mericans

Charles Diaz, Yisus

Jesse Nyquist, Monsters

Cullen Chadwick, 'Mericans

Rudo Parikh, Yisus

Jordan Sandoz, Yisus

Robbie Hall, Cherubs

Christian Cairo, Yisus

Brad Peppers, 'Mericans

TE Ndidi Rennell, Yisus Rosario Mathis, Cherubs

Joaquin Hoffman, 'Mericans

Marcus Jimenez, Monsters

Napoleon Bratcher, Cherubs

Wallace Six, Monsters


Milton Molina, Monsters

Chad Rich, 'Mericans

Gary Roderick, 'Mericans

Jack Motta, Cherubs

OC Hugh Zystra, Yisus Bryce Starwell, 'Mericans


Position 1st Team 2nd Team

Chester Zuniga, Monsters

Dylan Quayle, Yisus

Rocco Grizzle, Cherubs

Chris Horvat, Yisus


Gregorio Knozin, Cherubs

Mike Huet, Yisus

Jeremy Stroud, Cherubs

Edmund Currence, 'Mericans


Hector Lovierto, Monsters

Cedrick Francois, 'Mericans

Eloy Huard, Yisus

Hollis Stude, Monsters


Keenan McKnight, Cherubs

Colton Winthrope, Yisus

Bradley Bernat, Yisus

Buzz Blackmon, Monsters

Herschel Twyman, 'Mericans

Sebastian Simonson, Monsters


Reggie Mooreman, 'Mericans

Elatix Busse, Monsters

Hank Ebert, Yisus

Lance Timlin, Cherubs

Kicker: Gary Frost, Yisus

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