Scouting QuarterbacksEdit

Each team will receive the combine results on all 21 quarterbacks. They can interview 4, and receive more information on 9.


Joseph Lee Ohio St 70
Jack Kev Notre Dame 70
Hadyn Arthur Clemson 74
Roland Laverne Pittsburgh 72
Lenard Braaten Utah 73
Jimmy Barta TCU 73
Amos Rush UCLA 70
Clay Aris Syracuse 77
Donald Claflin Northwestern 74
Myron Carroll Texas AM 76
Deshawn Stanton NC State 71
Vincenzo Berlin Kansas 72
Craig McClelland Boston College 74
Melvin Deveau Georgia Tech 74
Leland Hohn Ole Miss 75
Rickey Gervais Wisconsin 77
Quinton Kearl Florida State 77
Man Bays Oklahoma St. 79
Andres Sytsma North Carolina 68
Phil Riley Boise St. 71
Charles Diaz Texas Tech 75


Name College Weight
Joseph Lee Ohio St 219
Jack Kev Notre Dame 204
Hadyn Arthur Clemson 223
Roland Laverne Pittsburgh 221
Lenard Braaten Utah 214
Jimmy Barta TCU 220
Amos Rush UCLA 211
Clay Aris Syracuse 242
Donald Claflin Northwestern 209
Myron Carroll Texas AM 244
Deshawn Stanton NC State 207
Vincenzo Berlin Kansas 216
Craig McClelland Boston College 237
Melvin Deveau Georgia Tech 238
Leland Hohn Ole Miss 230
Rickey Gervais Wisconsin 254
Quinton Kearl Florida State 246
Man Bays Oklahoma St. 257
Andres Sytsma North Carolina 199
Phil Riley Boise St. 210
Charles Diaz Texas Tech 230

40 Yard dash-SecondsEdit

Name College 40
Joseph Lee Ohio St 4.81
Jack Kev Notre Dame 4.73
Hadyn Arthur Clemson 4.59
Roland Laverne Pittsburgh 4.92
Lenard Braaten Utah 5.03
Jimmy Barta TCU 4.70
Amos Rush UCLA 4.66
Clay Aris Syracuse 4.77
Donald Claflin Northwestern 4.89
Myron Carroll Texas AM 4.88
Deshawn Stanton NC State 4.72
Vincenzo Berlin Kansas 4.92
Craig McClelland Boston College 4.80
Melvin Deveau Georgia Tech 4.93
Leland Hohn Ole Miss 4.98
Rickey Gervais Wisconsin 4.72
Quinton Kearl Florida State 5.11
Man Bays Oklahoma St. 5.04
Andres Sytsma North Carolina 4.48
Phil Riley Boise St. 4.86
Charles Diaz Texas Tech 4.88

Vertical Jump-InchesEdit

Name College Vertical
Joseph Lee Ohio St 30.5
Jack Kev Notre Dame 30.0
Hadyn Arthur Clemson 27.5
Roland Laverne Pittsburgh 34.5
Lenard Braaten Utah 32.5
Jimmy Barta TCU 32.0
Amos Rush UCLA 29.0
Clay Aris Syracuse 29.5
Donald Claflin Northwestern 26.5
Myron Carroll Texas AM 35.0
Deshawn Stanton NC State 32.5
Vincenzo Berlin Kansas 32.0
Craig McClelland Boston College 33.0
Melvin Deveau Georgia Tech 31.5
Leland Hohn Ole Miss 30.5
Rickey Gervais Wisconsin 30.5
Quinton Kearl Florida State 29.5
Man Bays Oklahoma St. 29.0
Andres Sytsma North Carolina 30.0
Phil Riley Boise St. 31.5
Charles Diaz Texas Tech 31.0

Broad Jump-InchesEdit

Name College Broad
Joseph Lee Ohio St 103
Jack Kev Notre Dame 120
Hadyn Arthur Clemson 98
Roland Laverne Pittsburgh 100
Lenard Braaten Utah 101
Jimmy Barta TCU 114
Amos Rush UCLA 113
Clay Aris Syracuse 96
Donald Claflin Northwestern 110
Myron Carroll Texas AM 107
Deshawn Stanton NC State 122
Vincenzo Berlin Kansas 100
Craig McClelland Boston College 117
Melvin Deveau Georgia Tech 114
Leland Hohn Ole Miss 93
Rickey Gervais Wisconsin 102
Quinton Kearl Florida State 127
Man Bays Oklahoma St. 106
Andres Sytsma North Carolina 111
Phil Riley Boise St. 120
Charles Diaz Texas Tech 121

3 cone drill- SecondsEdit

Name College 3-cone
Joseph Lee Ohio St 6.89
Jack Kev Notre Dame 6.99
Hadyn Arthur Clemson 7.03
Roland Laverne Pittsburgh 7.22
Lenard Braaten Utah 7.19
Jimmy Barta TCU 7.01
Amos Rush UCLA 6.78
Clay Aris Syracuse 6.85
Donald Claflin Northwestern 6.90
Myron Carroll Texas AM 7.10
Deshawn Stanton NC State 7.12
Vincenzo Berlin Kansas 7.05
Craig McClelland Boston College 7.32
Melvin Deveau Georgia Tech 7.31
Leland Hohn Ole Miss 7.36
Rickey Gervais Wisconsin 7.42
Quinton Kearl Florida State 7.49
Man Bays Oklahoma St. 7.18
Andres Sytsma North Carolina 6.77
Phil Riley Boise St. 6.97
Charles Diaz Texas Tech 7.03

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