Each Team should post who they would want to trade, what positions they want, and what they don't want.

Team YisusEdit




Draft picks, S Kevin Mole, ILB Colton Winthrope

Interested In:

1. Charles Diaz, Monsters QB

2. Joseph Lee, Monsters QB

3. Any Starting QB (Oconnell, Berlin, Sytsma)

Uzbekistan CherubsEdit


1. WR

2. 3rd CB

3. Backup ILB


1. Kyle Forshi, TE

2. Clyde Warwick, OG/C

3. Whitney Magin or Courtney Modeste, S

Interested in:

1. Daron Pateo, Monsters WR

2. Jerrold Gilpatrick, Yisus CB

3. Mickey Heyd, Monsters ILB

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