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Colors: Purple, Black, White, Green, Red

Moon Monsters Logo


Head Coach: Hugh Cumber

Offnsive Coordinator: Chip Kelly

Defensive Coordinator: Kyle "Silver" Fisher


We are on the moon

Depth ChartEdit

QB: Coby Oconnell (4), Joseph Lee (0), Shane Avant (2)

RB: Jesse Nyquist (4), Clint Libby (1), Clarence Ketterman (0)

WR: Thaddeus Longmore (1), Javier Castano (5 a), Vito Raya (0), Christian Cairo (2), Ezra Griffith (0), Yoshi Tatapu (2 b)

TE: Ralph Keeth (1), Kendrick Bise (3), Jamaal Dones (0)

OT: Wallace Six (2), Ian Long (4), Moses Penelopean (2 g)

OG/C: Milton Molina (3), Ernie Shock (3 e), Rex Gianini (2), Tyler Monahan (2), Cooper Kaczmarek (2 h)

DE: Chester Zuniga (3), De'Mond Frisch (4)

DT: Russell Miler (1), David Shillings (1), Dexter Carlton (5)

OLB: Kent Knox (2), Silas Setton (5 i), Dylan Addison (1)

ILB: Percy Wallace (2')', Bruce Seifert (4), Rolando Golden (1)

CB: Buzz Blackmon (2), Daunte Taube (1 c), Nick McCloud (2)

S: Leon Erikssohn (4 f), Essex Lincoln (3), Cletus Denney (1), Jayson Burns (4)

K: Philipe Arnold (2)

P: Calvin Linerry (4)

LS: Pep Wilcox (2)

a. Castano will make 15 in his first year, 17 in his next 4 years, and 19 in his final year.

b. Tatapu will make 16 each year.

d. The Monsters gains 2 bidding points for cutting WR Dwayne Janney.

e. Shock will make 14 in each of the 3 extra seasons.

f. Erikssohn makes 13 in season 4, 20 in season 5, 20 in season 6, and 19 in season 7.

g. penelopean makes 5 each season.

h. makes 4 per year

i. makes 17 per year.


Practice SquadEdit


RB: Edwin Figg, Antwaan Stocz


WR: Santiago Bernard, Darius Pattison

TE: Winston Witt



DE: Darcy Duckworth



ILB: Cameron Delpino

CB: Dexter Subb



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