MVP VotingEdit

  1. Jordan Sandoz, Yisus WR, 32 points, 4 first place votes
  2. Vincenzo Berlin, Cherubs QB, 30 points, 2 first place votes
  3. Jesse Nyquist, Monsters RB, 23 points, 2 first place votes
  4. Andres Sytsma, 'Mericans QB, 18 points, 1 fist place vote
  5. Chester Zuniga, Monsters DE, 13 points, 1 first place vote

Manager of the yearEdit

Alex Gomez, Cherubs

Defensive Player of the yearEdit

Chester Zuniga, Monsters DE

Offensive Lineman AwardEdit

Milton Molina, Monsters G

Explosive Player AwardEdit

Jordan Sandoz, Yisus WR

Leadership AwardEdit

Vincenzo Berlin, Cherubs QB

Breakout Player of the yearEdit

Robbie Hall, Cherubs WR

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