This Year, Every kicker, Quarteback picked after the 3rd round, unsigned player (some retire, go to cfl, etc.), player picked in round 6, 11, 18, or 22, Any player picked past round 12 who was replaced due to injury, and the worst offensive lineman, and worst defensive lineman / linebacker, on each team become some type of free agent.

You will receive a letter grade on three different skills needed for the free agent's position.

Grades: A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D

There are two types of free agent: Restricted and Unrestricted. Restricted free agents cost a value, in draft round. Any team can take that player before draft day, in exchange for the draft pick of that round. Unrestricted free agents go to the draft, and will be used to fill 53 man rosters.




Name Team FA Arm Strength Accuracy Focus Value
Charles Diaz Yisus-S RFA B+ B+ B 2
Joseph Lee Monsters-S RFA B- A- B 3
Man Bays Cherubs-B UFA B B B -
Donald Claflin Yisus-B UFA C+ B A -
Hadyn Arthur Monsters-B UFA C+ B B -
Lenard Braaten 'Mericans-B UFA B- A B- -
Myron Caroll 'Mericans-B UFA A- C B -

Running BacksEdit

Name Team FA Speed Agility Tackle Breaking Value
Cullen Chadwick 'Mericans RFA A- A- B- 5
Lawrence Litwin None UFA B+ B+ B+ -
Borris Lomax None UFA B+ A- B -
August Martin None UFA C+ B+ A- -
Damian McKay None UFA B+ B B- -
Wilton Jansky None UFA A- C+ B- -
Ben Gaskin None UFA B B+ B- -
Cletus Bulenthal None UFA B- B+ C+ -
Chip Pacey None UFA C B+ B- -
Marcelo Seese None UFA B- B- B- -
Clarence Ketterman None UFA B B- C+ -
Courtney Ethridge None UFA B B- C+ -
Ricky Feller None UFA B B- C+ -

Wide ReceiversEdit

Name Team FA Route Running Hands Speed Value
Glenn McClenton Monsters RFA B B A- 3
Javier Castano Monsters RFA A- B- B+ 5
William Prenatt 'Mericans RFA A- B B- 6
Carl Zevatas Cherubs RFA B B- B 9
Thaddeus Longmore None UFA B- B+ B -
Dax Stack None UFA C+ B+ B -
Kristofer Siemens None UFA B- B+ B+ -
Darrius Pattison None UFA B- B+ B -
Ezra Griffith None UFA B+ C+ B+ -
Kendall Locke None UFA A B B -
Armando Fitzgerald None UFA B+ B- C+ -
Nathan Taylor None UFA A- B+ B- -
Josh Cronin None UFA B- B+ B -
Joey Haywood None UFA C+ B- A- -
Jayson Motto None UFA C+ B+ B+ -
Dean Fog None UFA B- A- B+ -
Jerrod Reyes None UFA B B+ C -
Reuben Bode None UFA B B B -
Erick Pope None UFA C+ B- B -
Blaze Goode None UFA B A- C -

Tight EndsEdit

Name Team FA Hands Size Strength Value
Ndidi Rennell Yisus RFA B B+ B 4
Jared Shannon Cherubs RFA B+ B+ B- 6
Kyle Forshi None UFA B+ B+ B -
Baako Radcliff None UFA B+ B- B- -
Dylan Trinkle None UFA A C B- -
Noel Carta None UFA B- B- C+ -
Johnathan Derby None UFA B B- A- -
Clifford Carstens None UFA B+ B- C- -
Bill Cruz None UFA B+ A C- -

Max Mel

None UFA B+ B- C- -
Horace Buchwald None UFA B+ C D+ -
Tyson Barnes None UFA A C B- -
Homer Oliver None UFA A- B+ C+ -
Angel Rosales None UFA C+ B- C+ -
Ivory Aller None UFA B- C C -

Offensive TackleEdit

Name Team FA Strength Weight Reflexes Value
Napoleon Bratcher Cherubs RFA A B B- 6
Aston Pelley Yisus RFA C+ B A 9
Al Pietch None UFA C+ B+ B+ -
John Vandehey None UFA A- B- B- -
Zane Gowen None UFA B A- C+ -
Jimmy Amico None UFA A C B- -
Gale Rathman None UFA A- B B- -
Cedrick Masterson None UFA A- B C+ -
Josh Mello None UFA A- B C+ -
Wes Ro None UFA A B- C+ -
Rain Bradley None UFA A- C+ B- -
Carlton Mussy None UFA A- B- C- -
Irvin Smock None UFA B+ C B+ -
Justin Minich None UFA A C+ B- -
Dwain Heaney None UFA A B- C- -
Brendan Robers None UFA B- A- C- -
Jayson Tanner None UFA D B+ A -
Trevelyan Lowry None UFA B+ D+ B -
Pablo Odaniel None UFA B+ D+ B+ -
Anthony Marek None UFA C+ C B -
Pat Fernandez None UFA C+ C- A- -
Jan Bubb None UFA D B- B -
Carmen Greeno None UFA B- C- C+ -
Lionel Spin None UFA B+ C+ C+ -

Offensive GuardEdit

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