Rudo Parikh

Rudo Parikh Jumping into the endzone for a touchdown.

Draft ChoicesEdit


1.Uzbekistan Cherubs: Vincenzo Berlin, Kansas QB
Joaquin Hoffman

Joaquin Hoffman During Practice at Mississippi St.

Vincenzo Berlin

#1 Overall Pick Vincenzo Berlin.

Andres Sytsma

Andres Sytsma in classic rivalry game against South Carolina.

Jesse Nyquist

Jesse Nyquist during a 19 yard touchdown run in a 35-20 win over Michigan.

2.Moon Monsters: Jesse Nyquist, Illinois RB

3.West Texas 'Mericans: Andres Sytsma, North Carolina QB

4.Team Yisus: Rudo Parikh, Florida St. RB

5.Team Yisus: Jordan Sandoz, Virginia WR
Jordan Sandoz

Jordan Sandoz at Virginia.


Chester Zuniga telling Hofstra crowd to get loud.

Keenan McKnight

Keenan McKnight after sack.

6.West Texas 'Mericans: Joaquin Hoffman, Mississippi St. OT

7. Moon Monsters: Chester Zuniga, Hofstra DE

8. Uzbekistan Cherubs: Keenan McKnight, Connecticut ILB

9. Uzbekistan Cherubs: Rosario Mathis, Northern Illinois TE

10.Moon Monsters: Milton Molina, Wisconsin OG/C

11.West Texas 'Mericans: Reggie Mooreman, TCU S
Milton Molina

Milton Molina in game against Indiana.

Rosario Mathis

Rosario Mathis getting 24 yard reception.

Reggie Mooreman

Reggie Mooreman after pick 6.

Charles Diaz

Charles Diaz making audibles.

12.Team Yisus: Charles Diaz, Texas Tech QB

13.Team Yisus: Hugh Zylstra, Illinois OG/C

14.West Texas 'Mericans: Cedrick Francois, Miami OLB

15.Moon Monsters: Hector Lovierto, Army OLB

16.Uzbekistan Cherubs: Robbie Hall, Tulane WR

17.Uzbekistan Cherubs: Gregorio Knozin, Ohio St. DT

18.Moon Monsters: Wallace Six, Samford OT

19.West Texas 'Mericans:Wilbur Scaglione, Cal Tech DE

20.Team Yisus:Christian Cairo, San Jose St. WR

21.Team Yisus:Ndidi Rennell, Ohio St. TE

22.West Texas 'Mericans:Cullen Chadwick, Michigan RB

23.Moon Monsters:Glenn McClenton, Virginia Tech WR

24.Uzbekistan Cherubs:Napoleon Bratcher, Arizona St. OT

25.Uzbekistan Cherubs:Bradley Bernat, Florida CB

26.Moon Monsters:Marcus Jimenez, South Carolina, OT

27.West Texas 'Mericans:Edmund Currence, Washington DT

28.Team Yisus:DeAndre Parks, Iowa CB

29.Team Yisus:Chris Horvat, Clemson DE

30.West Texas 'Mericans:Zachary Slayde, Cal TE

31.Moon Monsters:Joseph Lee, Ohio St. QB

32.Uzbekistan Cherubs:Clint Libby, Nebraska RB

33.Uzbekistan Cherubs:Jack Motta, Maryland OG/C

34.Moon Monsters:Buzz Blackmon, Appalachian St. CB

35.West Texas 'Mericans:Brad Peppers, Weber St. WR

36.Team Yisus:Hank Ebert, Vermont S

37.Team Yisus:Hugo Urbain, Wyoming OT

38.West Texas 'Mericans:Chad Rich, Troy OG/C

39.Moon Monsters:Hollis Stude, Syracuse OLB

40.Uzbekistan Cherubs:Lance Timlin, Delaware S

41.Uzbekistan Cherubs:Rocco Grizzle, Ohio St DE

42.Moon Monsters:Javier Castano, Ohio St. WR

43.West Texas 'Mericans:Alden Morneau, Virginia Tech DT

44.Team Yisus:Aston Pelley, Baylor OT

45.Team Yisus:Colton Winthrope, Michigan St. ILB

46.West Texas 'Mericans:Herschel Twyman, UCLA CB

47.Moon Monsters:Ralph Keeth, Oklahoma TE

48.Uzbekistan Cherubs:Jeremy Stroud, Miami DT

49.Uzbekistan Cherubs:Chaz Musgrove, Hawaii OT

50.Moon Monsters:Elatix Busse, Temple S

51.West Texas 'Mericans:Joan Callahan, Marshall WR

52.Team Yisus:Mike Huet, Iowa DT

53.Team Yisus:Dylan Quayle, Washington DE

54.West Texas 'Mericans:Brady Raush, Nevada OT

55.Moon Monsters:Marco Grundidge, USC OG/C

56.Uzbekistan Cherubs:Jared Tottingham, Oklahoma OLB

57.Uzbekistan Cherubs:Huston Mander, Hawaii CB

58.Moon Monsters:Frederic Eason, Alabama S

59.West Texas 'Mericans:Gary Roderick, Utah OG/C

60.Team Yisus:Malcolm Chiou, Missouri Western DT

61.Team Yisus:Denny Dobbs, Vanderbilt CB

62.West Texas 'Mericans:Bryce Starwell, Alabama OG/C

63.Moon Monsters:Vito Raya, Cal Tech WR

64.Uzbekistan Cherubs:Tyrone Dremmer, Ohio St. OG/C

65.Uzbekistan Cherubs:Salvador Walker, Virginia Tech DE

66.Moon Monsters:Carter Salamanca, Nevada DT

67.West Texas 'Mericans:Darius McFaul, Illinois CB

68.Team Yisus:Gary Frost, LSU K

69.Team Yisus:Kevin Mole, Iowa S

70.West Texas 'Mericans:William Prenatt, Stanford WR

71.Moon Monsters:Russell Miler, Louisville DT

72.Uzbekistan Cherubs:Jared Shannon, Auburn TE

73.Uzbekistan Cherubs:Ronald Shepard, Kansas St. K

74.Moon Monsters:Luis Cardone, Indiana ILB

75.West Texas 'Mericans:Bo Lynch, Tennessee K

76.Team Yisus:Lee Rodas, Lamar OG/C

77.Team Yisus:Sidney Osorio, Pittsburgh OG/C

78.West Texas 'Mericans:Teddy Ounie, Virginia Tech S

79.Moon Monsters:Sebastian Simonson, Penn St. CB

80.Uzbekiztan Cherubs:Silas Setton, Central Florida OLB

81.Uzbekistan Cherubs:Whitney Magin, Nebraska S

82.Moon Monsters:Ernie Shock, Akron OG/C

83.West Texas 'Mericans:Colin Redding, Tennessee CB

84.Team Yisus:Asa Denney, Hawaii WR

85.Team Yisus:Eloy Huard, Montana OLB

86.West Texas 'Mericans:Jody Burgher, Baylor OLB

87.Moon Monsters:Raphael Emery, Arkansas DE

88.Uzbekistan Cherubs:Carl Zevatas, Colorado WR

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