This is not the actual, but a prediction through the first 5 rounds.

Round 1Edit

Wyoming Aardvarks: Casper WIllington, Hawaii RB

Brooklyn Magic: Jamar Berry, UNLV OLB

Team Yisus: Rickey Salinas, Michigan TE

Uzbekistan Cherubs: Manuel Lind, Oregon OG/C

Moon Monsters: Rene De Angelis, Providence WR

West Texas 'Mericans: Stew Youngblood, Fresno St. OT

Round 2Edit

Brooklyn Magic: Elton Chambers, Alabama CB

Wyoming Aardvarks: Lance Makowski, Clemson QB

Team Yisus: Carwell Novacek, LSU ILB

Uzbekistan Cherubs: Dexter Carlton, Notre Dame DT

Moon Monsters: Javon Franci, Colorado S

West Texas 'Mericans: Vern Twilley, Cal Tech DE

Round 3Edit

Wyoming Aardvarks: Isaac Jones, Georgia WR

Brooklyn Magic: Matthew Crisp, Clemson RB

Team Yisus: Jubilee Dearth, Oregon CB

Moon Monsters: Dane Sellwood, Dartmouth OT

Moon Monsters: De'Mond Frisch, Syracuse DE

West Texas 'Mericans: Bruce Seifert, Utah ILB

Round 4Edit

Brooklyn Magic: Markus Carmichael, Detroit QB

Wyoming Aardvarks: Jerry Thomas, Nebraska OLB

Team Yisus: Mazio Huff, Oregon DT

Uzbekistan Cherubs: Jim Roberts, Wyoming OG/C

Moon Monsters: Jess Troup, Alcorn St. OG/C

West Texas 'Mericans: Odysseus Rothman, Oregon TE

Round 5Edit

Wyoming Aardvarks: Russ Winn, Boston College CB

Brooklyn Magic: Miguel Baja, New Mexico WR

Team Yisus: K'Everette Cinnamon, Clemson CB/S

Uzbekistan Cherubs: Garrett Blue, Delaware OT

Moon Monsters: Sultan Marinaro, West Virginia DT

West Texas 'Mericans: Nate Cameron, Mississippi DE

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