These are in no order.

Kendrick Bise, Syracuse TE

Quentin Dawn, Michigan CB

Jayson Burns, Indiana S

Israel Venturi, Illinois OG/C

Percy Wallace, Wahington ILB

Jedidiah Hairston, Maryland RB

Douglass Hawkins, Michigan DE

Rex Giannini, Clemson OG/C

Jackson Seymour, Mississippi St. S

Jared Ashman, Hofstra WR

Earl Pintor, Ohio St.

Cobby Oconnell, Washington QB

Ian Long, Alabam OT

Dylan Addison, Illinois ILB

Gerald Jennings, Oklahoma DT

Bryce Inwood, Nebraska WR

Bradley Zeh, Florida OG/C

Warren Cobb, Missouri DE

Gabriel Bloodworth, Washington OT

Ezekiel Schmidt, Florida ILB

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