Belicheck Yourself Before You Rex Yourself is one of two expansion teams starting in the 4th season, along with the Ottawa Icicles. It is located in Verbier, Switzerland and is owned by Ben Puritz.

Head Coach: Bill Belichick

Offensive Coordinator: Risa O'Callahan

Defensive Coordinator: Sage Cunningham

Depth ChartEdit

QB: Man Bays (2), Joseph Lee (2)

RB: Cullen Chadwick (6)

WR: Isaac Jones (6)

TE: Odysseus Rothman (3)

OG/C: Sam Nelson (6), Emilio Galle (5)

OT: Morris McKinnon (4), Garrett Blue (4)

DE: Nate Cameron (4)

DT: Ivan Victrometer (5), Carson Flepper (2)

OLB: Chi Patricio (2), Eloy Huard (4), Terry Kasathi (5)

ILB: Luis Cardone (2)

CB: Sebastian Simonson (5), Denny Dobbs (5)

S: Julio Nunitilo (4), Douglass Monroe (3)




a. Lee makes 12 per year.

b. Huard makes 13 per year.

c. Cardone makes 12 per year.

d. Kasathi makes 13 in his first year, 11 in his next 2, and 10 in his final two.

Practice Squad/Camp InviteesEdit

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