About these rankingsEdit

These ratings are based on players' skills and statistics, not what will happen in the season, which is partially based on luck and opponents.

Top 20 PlayersEdit

Joseph Lee, Ohio St. QB

Christian Cairo, San Jose St. WR

Chester Zuniga, Hofstra DE

Joaquin Hoffman, Mississippi St. OT

Wilbur Scaglione, Cal Tech DE

Hector Lovietro, Army OLB

Andres Sytsma, North Carolina QB

Hugh Zylstra, Illinois OG/C

Rudo Parikh, Florida St. RB

Keenan McKnight, Connecticut ILB

Jesse Nyquist, Illinois RB

Milton Molina, Wisconsin OT

Glenn McCenton, Virginia Tech WR

Vincenzo Berlin, Virginia QB

Reggie Mooreman, TCU S

Cedrick Francois, Miami OLB

Jordan Sandoz, Kansas WR

Charles Diaz, Texas Tech QB

Wallace Six, Samford OT

Rosario Mathis, Northern Illinois TE

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