Ian Long

Alabama OT Ian Long

  1. Moon Monsters: Coby Oconnell, Washington QB
    Jedidiah Hairston

    Jedidiah Hairston breaking a tackle.

  2. West Texas 'Mericans: Jedidiah Hairston, Maryland RB
  3. Team Yisus: Bryce Inwood, Nebraska WR
    Bryce Inwood

    Bryce Inwood 37 yard reception in win over Georgia.

  4. Uzbekistan Cherubs: Douglass Hawkins, Michigan DE
    Douglass Hawkins

    DE #90 douglass hawkins making a tackle.

    Quentin Dawn

    Quentin Dawn in coverage.

  5. West Texas 'Mericans: Quentin Dawn, Michigan CB
  6. Moon Monsters: Ian Long, Alabama OT
  7. Team Yisus: Gerald Jennings, Oklahoma DT
    Gerald Jennings

    Gerald Jennings in practice.

  8. Uzbekistan Cherubs: Jayson Burns, Indiana S
    Jayson Burns

    Jayson Burns in game when jersey was misprinted.

    Coby Oconnell

    Coby Oconnell at Washington

  9. Moon Monsters: Israel Venturi, Illinois OG/C
  10. (#1) Uzbekistan Cherubs (From WT'): Jared Ashman, Hofstra WR
  11. Team Yisus: Ezekiel Schmidt, Florida ILB
  12. (#2) Moon Monsters (From UC): Kendrick Bise, Syracuse TE
  13. West Texas 'Mericans: Jackson Seymour, Mississippi St. S
  14. Moon Monsters: Percy Wallace, Washington ILB
  15. Team Yisus: Gabriel Bloodworth, Washington OT
  16. Uzbekistan Cherubs: Dylan Addison, Illinois ILB
  17. Moon Monsters: Rex Giannini, Clemson OG/C
  18. West Texas 'Mericans: Daunte Taube, LSU CB
  19. Team Yisus: Earl Pintor, Ohio St. OL
  20. (#1) West Texas 'Mericans (From UC): Williams Fulz, Hawaii TE
  21. West Texas 'Mericans: Dudley Dufour, Connecticut DT
  22. Moon Monsters: Kyle Forshi, FREE AGENT TE
  23. Team Yisus: Warren Cobb, Missouri DE
  24. Moon Monsters: Francisco Naab, Louisville CB
  25. West Texas 'Mericans: Aaron Norcross, Boston College RB
  26. Team Yisus: Bradley Zeh, Florida OG/C
  27. Uzbekistan Cherubs: Lawrence Litwin, FREE AGENT RB
  28. West Texas 'Mericans: Noel Cantania, Ohio St. OT
  29. Moon Monsters: Daron Pateo, Arkansas WR
  30. Team Yisus: Evan Loney, Hawaii QB
  31. Uzbekistan Cherubs: Jay Middendorf, Vanderbilt DE
  32. Moon Monsters: Thaddeus Longmore, FREE AGENT WR
  33. West Texas 'Mericans: Michael Buhr, Oregon S
  34. Team Yisus: Roman Oland, Temple DE
  35. Uzbekistan Cherubs: Ernesto Sanborn, Georgia OG/C
  36. West Texas 'Mericans: Gary Frost, FREE AGENT K
  37. Moon Monsters: Jamaal Dones, Maryland TE
  38. Team Yisus: Luther Harvey, Alabama OLB
  39. Uzbekistan Cherubs: Man Bays, FREE AGENT QB
  40. Moon Monsters: Dwayne Janney, Kansas WR
  41. West Texas 'Mericans: Darius McFaul, FREE AGENT CB
  42. Team Yisus: Shelby Most, Louisville OG/C
  43. Uzbekistan Cherubs: Ronald Shepard, FREE AGENT K
  44. West Texas 'Mericans: Kendall Locke, FREE AGENT WR
  45. Moon Monsters: Philipe Arnold, Minnesota K
  46. Team Yisus: Bo Lynch, FREE AGENT K
  47. Uzbekistan Cherubs: Terrell Furmann, Florida St. CB
  48. Moon Monsters: Tad Borunda, Michigan S
  49. West Texas 'Mericans: Kyle Folicastro, Vanderbilt DE
  50. Team Yisus: Rafael Emery, FREE AGENT DE
  51. Uzbekistan CHerubs: Kirk Felter, UCLA OT
  52. West Texas 'Mericans: Lenard Braaten, FREE AGENT QB
  53. Moon Monsters: Roger Bosak, Nebraska OLB
  54. Team Yisus: Gavin Leadbetter, Washington DT
  55. Uzbekistan Cherubs: Damon Vanderbilt, FREE AGENT P
  56. Moon Monsters: Frances McDaniel, FREE AGENT S
  57. West Texas 'Mericans: Sylvester Cubbage, UCLA ILB
  58. Team Yisus: William Oryan, FREE AGENT P
  59. Uzbekistan CHerubs: Andy Flock, SOuth Carlina DT
  60. West Texas 'Mericans: Xavier Billiangs, Oklhoma St. WR
  61. Moon Monsters: Carson Flepper, Duke DT
  62. Team Yisus: Tim Draggoo, Texas Tech ILB
  63. Uzbekistan Cherubs: Baako Radcliff, FREE AENT TE
  64. Moon Monsters: Sam Battle, Northern Illinois OT
  65. West Texas 'Mericans: Ray Bee, Delaware OLB
  66. Team Yisus: Blair Cleveland, Grambling LS
  67. Uzbekistan Cherubs: Max Faust, Maryland OLB
  68. West Texas 'Mericans: Bynchi Munger, FREE AGENT P
  69. Moon Monsters: Derek Monroe, Duke RB
  70. Team Yisus: Zollie Compton, North Carolina AT RB
  71. Uzbekistan Cherubs: Curvin Dressler, Miami LS
  72. Moon Monsters: Calvin Lingerry, FREE AGENT P
  73. West Texas 'Mericans: Lucio Donner, Cincinatti CB
  74. Team Yisus: Emilio Galle, Florida St. OG/C
  75. Uzbkistan CHerubs: Irwin Patricia, Maryland DE
  76. West Texas 'Mericans: Ozzie Arenas, BYU LS
  77. Moon Monsters: Gravity May, Harvard OG/C
  78. Team Yisus: Marcus Blandon, San Diego St. OT
  79. Uzbekistan Cherubs: Milo Mott, Washington DE
  80. Moon Monsters: Pep Wilcox, Fresno St. LS
  81. West Texas 'Mericans: Mykhall Hanspard, Wake Forest RB
  82. Team Yisus: Tim Eckel, Ole Miss WR
  83. Uzbekistan Cherubs: Leon Erikssohn, USC S
  84. West Texas 'Mericans: Jarrett Van Valkenberg, Marquette OLB
  85. Moon Monsters: Horacio Fincham, USC DE
  86. Team Yisus: Tab Popson, Pittsburgh TE
  87. Uzbekistan Cherubs: Randy Devoe, Sam Houston St. ILB
  88. Moon Monsters: Kenny Rodrigo, Minnesota QB
  89. West Texas 'Mericans: Vernon Wiggins, Toledo OT
  90. Team Yisus: Creston Duncan, Indiana St. OG/C
  91. Uzbekistan Cherubs: Tut Livingston, Bowling Green DT
  92. West Texas 'Mericans: Adam Lannan, Louisiana Tech DT
  93. Moon Monsters: Larry Henderson, Northwestern DE
  94. Team Yisus: Adam Stackhouse, Rice DE
  95. Uzbekistan Cherubs: Rasheed Ellis, Minnesota WR


1: The West Texas 'Mericans traded their 3rd overall pick (became WR Jared Ashman) to the Cherubs in exchange for DE Salvador Walker and a 5th round pick (used as TE Williams Fulz)

2: The Cherubs gave this pick to the Monsters in exchange for signing RFA Glenn McClenton.

3: Cherubs 6th round pick Forfeited in order to franchise OT Napoleon Bratcher.

4: Rasheed Ellis was Mr. Irrelevant.

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